by Jacob Jensen Design

We approached Jacob Jensen Design Studio and asked them to re-interpret our hugely successful Synergy speaker lamp and drinks holders in one under their design language, values, and the Scandinavian design roots we both share. The results are the Kooduu Atmos & Sphere: Minimalist, elegant and high quality Bluetooth speakers, design mood lamps and drinks holders in one to help you set the mood in style.


The Jacob Jensen Design values are Pure, Perfect and Enduring, and this is reflected in the Atmos and in the Sphere’s pure cylindrical and spherical shapes and enduring materials. 


From the distance, the beauty and aesthetics of the products catch the eye. When you get close, the details are revealed and invite you to interact. When you touch the products, the element of surprise happens.


This, because while the lighting and drink-cooler functions are visible, the Kooduu Bright Sound Technology ™ speakermodule is hidden underneath, ready to be discovered and exposing a WOW-effect.