New & Improved Kooduu Synergy - a beautiful Bluetooth speaker lamp with drinks holder in one

New & Improved Kooduu Synergy - a beautiful Bluetooth speaker lamp with drinks holder in one

Synergy means coming together to create a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts – and that is exactly what we had in mind when we created the Kooduu Synergy, a multifunctional design object that celebrates togetherness by combining a Bluetooth speaker, mood lighting and a drinks holder compartment in one.

After the sustained success of the previous Kooduu Synergy 35S, the Synergy 50S, Synergy 65S and Synergy Pro models, we made upgrades and launched a new version of it in August 2022 to offer you an even better experience. We made design retouches, combined the previous S and Pro in 1 model, elevated our technology and raised our materials quality to better match our Scandinavian design language. 


The new Synergy at the blink of an eye


  • Start the party with the touch of a button  – The Synergy is a speaker lamp with a surprising twist…it is also a drinks holder! You can also use its built-in compartment as a drinks cooler, as a planter…or however you want!
  • User interface on the side – No need to flip the new Synergy upside down to operate the ON/OFF and new light dimmer button. The user interface is now on the side.
  • Light and sound functions can be used separately – You can turn the light off if you only want to use the speaker. You can use the Light and audio together or apart.
  • Dimmable light – You can choose 4 different light intensities to turn any mood into your mood.
  • Improved sound – New 10W and 15W speakers with 5.0 Bluetooth technology and melodic notification sounds.
  • Increased battery capacity, reduced charging time – New battery capacity of 2,600 mAh with a reduced charging time of 3.5 hrs that give you more than 10 hours of playtime.
  • Simplified pairing between Kooduu speakers – Pair your Synergy with another Synergy or Kooduu speaker with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and experience stereo sound.
  • Improved materials – The ring and feet accessories are now made in high-end anodized aluminium and the leather handle is also made of top-quality leather in a darker brown color.
  • USB-C charging port –  The new Synergy comes now with an USB-C charging port, the most common charging port and cable in the EU.
  • New feet design – Improved speaker lamp stability thanks to the iconic shape and larger surface of the feet.
  • New packaging – Our boxes are now made from FSC-certified wood.
  • Made in EU – We reduced the CO2 footprint of all of our products since we started production in the EU.


    A speaker lamp that sounds as good as it looks



    Aesthetically looking objects, light and music influence your mood and emotions. Music can energize you and bring you excitement, it can help you focus, or it can help you calm down.

    Please your eyes while listening to the tunes that make you feel best in the moment and for the purpose at hand with this beautiful speaker lamp and drinks holder in one that can be part of your home décor.


    Keep your favorite bottles in style and say cheers to life in the built-in drinks holder

    Beautiful bottles and indulgent drinks are usually part of toasts and celebratory times. Think of a bottle of wine with the perfect notes or a chilled and tasty sparkling wine. That is why, on top of light and audio, the Synergy features a space for you to fill in with a bottle of wine or any drinks you want.

    Do you want those drinks chilled? Then add some Kooduu reusable ice cubes and turn your Synergy into a drinks cooler.

    Toast in gratitude to all the blessings and achievements you can better appreciate when you make a pause!


    Get creative with the built-in compartment

    Some of our customers use the Kooduu Synergy built-in compartment as a planter. Be creative and personalize your container. The Synergy is your canvas…you fill in the blank!


    Kooduu Synergy 50


    The sizes

    The Kooduu Synergy is available in 3 sizes: The Synergy 35 (small) and the Synergy 50 (medium) fit a regular-sized bottle of wine. The Synergy 65 (large) fits 2 regular-sized bottles of wine.



    Kooduu Synergy Sizes



    Do you want to know more about Kooduu Synergy?

    Visit the product page of the one you like: Synergy 35 (is the smallest one), the Synergy 50 (is the mid size one) or you want the biggest one, the Synergy 65


    Set the Mood. Wherever. Whenever. With your new Kooduu Synergy!

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